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Leica Summarit-S 35 mm f/2,5 ASPH

Leica Summarit-S 35 mm f/2,5 ASPH

LEICA THE SUMMARIT-S 1:2.5/35 MM ASPH. Zonder centraalsluiter This fast, wide-angle lens is available with or without a central shutter and operates practically without distortion. It is therefore ideal for use indoors or for architectural photos. The SUMMARIT-S 1:2.5/35 mm ASPH. (CS) uses two aspherical lens surfaces and special glass with anomalous partial dispersion or high refraction as well as rear-group focusing for the highest performance over the entire focusing range. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Lenses/groups 11/9 (2 aspherical surfaces) Optical design Rear-group focusing Image angle (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) approx. 75°, 65°, 46°, approx. corresponds to 28mm in 35mm format Aperture range 2.5 to 22 Shortest distance 0,55 m Largest image scale 1:11 Filter thread size 82 mm Dimensions (diameter/length) 88 mm/122 mm Weight 930g (CS: 1080g) * CS = Central shutter