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Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams

Beperkte serie op 750 stuks wereldwijd


Beperkte serie Leica Q2

The limited special editionLeica Q2 Daniel Craig x GregWilliams is an exclusive edition model of the Q2. It hasbeen created in close collaboration with awardwinning actor Daniel Craig and Greg Williams , one ofBritain's most renowned photographers.BothCraig and Williams have a common passion inphotography and are both avid fans of the Leica brand,making this an obvious collaboration for the pair.

Daniel Craig says: "The Q2 is, for me, the perfect camera andneeds no improvement. So, to have the chance to work withthe amazing people at Leica and my friend, Greg Williams, tocreate something as unique as this, has been a privilege and anhonourGreg Williamssays: "We bonded over our shared love ofcameras on 'Casino Royale'. Daniel takes beautiful photos andhas a great eye. The Leica Q2 is an extension of me you neversee me without one around my neck. So to work with Danieland the team at Leica on this limited edition has been a veryspecial."

•The Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams correspondstechnically to the Leica Q2.•Has an exclusive and elegant design.

•Visible elements of the camera are defined by black and gold .

•All engravings on the camera and lens are inlaid with goldpaint.

•The name and sequential serial number have been engravedwith a laser, under the glass cover of the camera display.•For the first time in Leica history there is a black/ gold logo.

•is made of top quality, vegetable dyed Nappa leather•embossed with the Leica logo•has eyelets which are gilded•same leather, embossed with an elegant diamondpattern, is also used for the camera covering.•each camera, with accessories, comes in a speciallydesigned, hinged lid presentation box with gold letteringand a black silk lining